Our world is beautiful. The way we treat it needs to change.
EVIG’s commitment is to create a better way. 
Today, we are creating the world’s most sustainable activewear.

EVIG is sustainable danish design,
combining ecology, functionality & aesthetics.
EVIG is committed to high quality,
natural materials, timeless design and uncompromising sustainability.

EVIG is Danish for ‘everlasting, enduring’, from Old Nordic ‘ævi’ meaning ‘for life’ and ‘ever’.
EVIG is for life and for ever. For EVIG – by Alexandra Jakobsen.

Clothing is one of the most polluting industries, and especially sportswear is most often made of fossil-fuel-based materials that are highly emitting, toxic, and destructive to our world.

We set out to create a better way. 

What we do means something and every choice matters. This is why we have gone back to the beginning of the value chain to re-design each step in the most sustainable way, possible.
We are there, on the ground, speaking to every single person, and ensuring the environmental impacts are minimised as much as possible, and continuously so.

EVIG is smooth as silk, softer than cotton, and, more breathable than linen.

EVIG is made for active living. It is incredibly soft and high performance in moisture management, as a result of the fiber ́s structure where submicroscopic canals between the microscopic fibrils of the individual fibers regulate the absorption and release of moisture. Basically, eucalyptus has tiny micro fibers that wick sweat away from your body and evaporate it through microscopic canals, keeping you dry and cool during sports, while also keeping odours abay, to help you to stay fresh.

This means EVIG is very breathable, and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable throughout the day. This also means you don’t need to wash the clothes every time you’ve worn it as the fibres are self-cleaning & anti-bacterial.
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EVIG is made of a carefully selected plant-based fabric of the highest environmental standard and quality. Woven in Portugal from sustainably forested eucalyptus, TENCEL™ Lyocell is an EU Eco-Awarded renewable, non-toxic and naturally biodegradable fibre with an incredibly low environmental impact. Designed with our weaver especially for EVIG, we have created a beautiful fabric that offers silky smoothness and draping fitting, as well as functionality and endurance. 
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EVIG is handmade to order in our small studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin & in a family-run small sewing studio in Aves, Portugal. Each piece of clothing is ethically made, made for you, and made by hand, with full attention to every detail, giving each piece of clothing its own subtly unique variation. By producing only what is truly wanted, we can avoid waste and overproduction.
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With danish roots, EVIG’s design represents timeless classics of long-lasting quality, that embraces all bodies, ages, sexes, sizes, shapes, activities and styles. EVIG’s aesthetics are classics transcending the changing of seasons and trends. We are against the culture of obsolescence, disposables and fashions. The designs are made to last across seasons and activities – for running, for yoga, for living – for EVIG.
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