EVIG’s Berlin editions are made by Larissa, and Wanda. Two strong women who studied and learnt the trade of handwherk, and who have made every single piece of EVIG clothing by hand, in the Berlin Studio, located in Kreuzberg. Thank you Larissa. Thank you Wanda.

We chose to work with Larissa and Wanda because they, like us, are pursuing their best in every detail and also share the same values and mission of a better way. We value we are a part of the same local community, and are located a short stroll from each other. Being so close and sharing the same values has allowed us to establish this close connection.


EVIG’s stretch clothing is handmade to order in batches in a family-run small sewing studio in Aves, Portugal. And we could not have done it without them – they are the ones who have helped us from start to finish in making the impossible possible – eucalyptus with stretch – we are so grateful!

In the valley cradled by the Ave and Vizela rivers of Portugal, we found a small family-owned sewing business employing a small team of craftswomen. Proud of their country’s artisanal heritage, they create clothes in the traditional way, keeping the Portuguese sewing traditions and renommée alive.

Chosen for their decades high quality craftsmanship, and expertise in working with natural materials in a sustainable way. In this sewing studio, we found a kindred spirit who also champions their craft, their people and their planet.


To create a better way, we cannot do it alone. We are all connected. EVIG aims to reestablish the connections that have been lost between fibre, weaving, cutting, sewing, stitching, designing and wearing. By simplifying and shortening our value chain, we are able to be involved and responsible for every single connector, and reestablish the links between each of us. This transparency is essential to us.

In its essence, EVIG is not doing anything new, we are instead going back to basics, back to how clothing used to made, the traditional way.


We cannot close our eyes to where the products we wear are made, who made them, and, how these people are treated. As a company founded on taking better care of our planet, and having respect for for all people, this also includes the humans who make our clothes. This is why EVIG refuses to prey on the developing world for their cheap labor, to maintain fast and cheap production to feed the seemingly insatiable appetite for disposable clothing fueled by consumerism.


A standard pair of jeans has flown more than the average person ever will. With fibres made here, and buttons there, and then produced partly here, to be finished there, etc. All in the name of cheaper and faster clothing.

EVIG’s value chain has been made as short as possible, with all steps in direct control of us, not acting through middle men or agencies. We promise you that none of the EVIG clothing has been flown in by air.

EVIG’s commitment is to re-design each step of the value chain in the most sustainable way, possible. No detail is too small. That’s why we do not use any plastic poly bags to transport clothes at any step, and only use packaging for the final sendoff to you where we protect EVIG in environmentally friendly packaging made from recycled paper. When posting your package, we use the most climate friendly solution possible.