The EVIG clothes is made of a naturally antibacterial & self-cleaning fiber, and instead of washing, you can air your clothes. You can air your clothes by hanging it on a hanger in your window or outside. Giving your clothing that fresh air feeling and scent.

We encourage you to avoid excessive washing to help protect the lifespan of your clothing and the environment.

When you do need to wash your clothes, wash your clothes inside out at cold wash or 30 degrees, using a gentle care-program if you want your EVIG clothing to last as long as possible.

Note, it can be washed on a normal standard washing program and has been made for this, but of course the more gentle you are with the clothes the longer it will last.

We urge you to use organic detergent, skip tumble drying, and, put your washed clothing on a hanger outside or in your window to be dried by fresh air.

If you prefer to wash by hand, avoid twisting or squeezing the wet fabric, and air dry it using a hanger.


To extend the life of your EVIG clothes, we offer repairs.

Send an email to subject: repair

Please send along a photo and any details.

We will contact you, to proceed and arrange a solution for repair with you.


Send us your used EVIG clothing, you no longer wish to keep or sell onwards yourself, and we will make sure to re-sell, recycle or upcycle it.

We are working on introducing a pant/pfand/deposit system.


Coming soon